what is love?

What is Love?

What is Love?  – The most complicated question of this earth and yet unanswered correctly?
But In this Article we will deeply try to understand that what is love.

what is love?

“In simple meaning  – “Love is not a temporary feeling or emotion . Emotion or feeling changed, sometimes daily. But true love is unconditional  and Over lasting.”

Some people thing that Attachment, Felling, Emotion & Passion is love. but i disagree with all these words because all these words change with the time. Feeling, Emotion and passion is not a over lasting. some time we are passion about some thing and after that for something else we are passion about.

I was talking with some of my friends that what is love? And In return i get many answer that

1 – Love is – Someone whom we can’t leave – then i asked him that if any drinker love to drink and he is not be able to leave drink or can’t leave. is this really love?
2 – Love is something that one is passionate about and its about commitment which does not change with the feelings – Then I said okay, just tell me one thing that if we are passionate about some one that is really love. If any street boys passionate about any particular girl. Is that love?
3 – Love is something like that for which we can do anything with out any limits.  – after listening this words, i laugh for a second and asked her suppose is there any head of terriorist organisation saying to some one go and killed the innocent people and that person start killing to others. is that love?
4- One of my friends said that if we are in love then suddenly some thing changes get started in our inner body – Then i asked him this are the something which starts in the teen agers life . when the hormonal start getting changed in our lives and we getting attracted to some one. is that love?
5 – And one said that love is dependency. when we get dependent with any one as like new born baby is always dependent on his mother.  – then i replied whenever there will be dependency, love can’t exist because there is a fear in our lives. if we are dependent with any person as like the girl married with a man but she does not love him and still living with him because she is depend on his husband. So if there will be dependency there will be no love.

According to me –

Love is when you don’t try to bound the other person, where you don’t try to change the other person and accept him/her the way he/she is. you must love in such a way that the other person is free. True love is “FREEDOM” , “TRUST” and a “LISTENING HEART”.

Love is that time when we say over now stop my life is absolutely happy . I didn’t want more things to fulfill it. It’s in enough.

True Love is actually what we do something for someones happiness, satisfaction without any expectations or in return of nothing. Like our nature

True love is unconditional and over lasting

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  1. chaitaniya badoni

    Love is a complex set of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person.

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