women lifestyle In India

Know about the women life In India

Everyday demands for a change.Change in our personality our lifestyles, our thoughts our  ideas and our prespective to see things  because change is necessary anyway. We keep ourselves tip top and up to date but what about our mentality.has our mentality changed ?Our country India has done a lot of progress in education, in technology and in many other spheres but the people here still live with the same mentality.Yes i am talking about their cheap mentality for the women.

In India ,you will often come to here such touchy lines that women is a goddess,Women is the avatar of godess lakshmi,we should respect women protect her and whatsoever.like really!is this true?I dont think so. the reality is much more different and that is, in India women is a liability and their parents have themselves categorized them into the two. short term liability if parents will fix her marriage at the age of 16 and long term liability if it takes some more time to do so.

women lifestyle In India

A women takes birth and from there on wards only her responsibility begins. She play several roles in her life,as a daughter ,as a sister as a wife and most importantly as mother and she plays her role perfectly but still accused by everyone  just because  she is a women. Today a girl is lucky enough that she gets birth but some were so brutally killed before coming into this world.history of India reveals how badly weather a girl  or a women was treated.there was no education  for girls,they were allowed to speak even in front of the elders.Marriage was only an end of her life and husband was her god there was no personal identity expect her husband wife and so called their children mother. Her job was to just  to give birth to a male child for her family .Sati Pratha. How can we neglect this topic here.women at that time were burnt on the day of their husbands funeral because women life has no meaning without husband.Some did with their own wish and some who opposed it also were badly treated in the society.people use to curse them  for the mistake that she has not even made.Even today also there are some families that mourn at the birth of a girl child.I want to ask those fellow people that why is women for them is a slave.they accuse they object on the birth of a girl but they fail to realize that a women who give birth to a boy is also a girl, she is also someones daughter.

today also the condition is very much similar.the rules for boys are different and for girls our different. A women has a same skill same caliber same same talent and equal level of intelligence like boys..actually much more higher than the  men but  still for her every thing is different.men can do anything. they have a right to freedom,right to speak,right to express,right to live their life in their own way,they can enjoy they can come home late they can go for hangouts and night outs ,then that ok but the same thing a girl wants ,is there anything ok?Parents are also responsible for her low morale.why are restrictions only for girls.Men in India idiolise our Bollywood actresses like dipila padukone,Priyanka chopra and many others.  ,they do not object at that instead they really enjoy watching them in hot dresses, but if sisters wishes o wear a jeans also, then they show their anger on them.A boy or a man can do anything there is no boundation or restrictions for him..because he treats himself as god .he feels to bea free bird.One boy with many girls..is a stud .ohhh man cool dude types and on the other hand one girl with many boys, is a slut.This is where the mentality changes.Almost every girl and a women is teased by some or the other men.rape cases in India are in blunder numbers.why dont these men realize that with whom they are exploiting are also someones daughter,she is also someones sister.

A women is the most beautiful and precious creation of god. Men who promise to put their eyes on the women and protect them,there is only one thing i will say to them that is put your eyes off from them.The whole problem will be  solved.a women is self sufficient to protect herself.she need not your protection and your concern would request those doctors who for the mare money kills the child in the mothers womb.killing a girl before birth ,brutal behaviour  with women,teasing her ,exploiting her is not a mistake its a blunder.women  also sacrificed her dreams her aspirations just for the sake of the society but now this is a high time .Now the fellow men have to understand the importance of a women .Now women will walk  but not behind the men but with the  men . A women is an asset for the society. RESPECT WOMEN AND HELP HER ACHIEVING HER GOALS . WOMEN ARE AND WILL ALWAYS HELPS IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF OUR NATION.


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