increasing mall culture in india

Increasing Mall culture In India

Malls…I am sure you all love going to mall. Hey! lets go the pacific mall for a shopping. When someones greets us for going mall, how excited we all become,isn’t it? Mall culture is rapidly increasing in India. Today not in metropolitan cities,but almost every big city there are numerous mall. People go to the malls for shopping, watching movies, and also for hangout with family and friends. The question arises what is mall culture.

Mall culture is nothing but an  exploitative phenomenon mastermind by materialistic sharks of the blind imitation for personal gains and  at the cost of small traders  and entrepreneurs who  provide  spot service  to the people  earn their living. It is an elite culture  that attracts the gulloble customer through media and advertisement. The customer is so much attracted towards the show and shine, the glimmer and the display outside and because of temptation the marketing gimmick compel the ordinary people to gulp more than they can chew. It means they cant control their greed and they become extravagant and spend on useless things.

increasing mall culture in india

There are many small wholesalers, retailers, shopkeepers. Here I am also talking about the hawkers and door to door sales person who’s occupation is only to provide customer with the best quality product. They work so hard so that they can feed sufficiently to their families. Here all the class people whether he is small, middle or rich class can afford to shop but this is not the same in case of malls because malls are only meant for high class, high society people. These mall are set up in the big cities but not in the small towns and cities which itself forms 80% of the India’s population. Our villages and towns is not in a fraction but forms almost the whole of India itself but its very sad because these money leagues feel shy in venturing into such places. This is simply widening the gaps between the haves and haves not. The rich is getting more rich and the poor is getting poorest. It is creating a big disparity between the rich and the poor.

Definetly, increasing in the number of malls in a our country is a sign of developing India as our Prime Minister says. Make India a digital and modern India but at the cost of snatching someones livelihood like the big or small wholesalers and retailers, that’s not fair. with the numerous mall construction in the city, it might be heartening  for a person to realize that his or her city is at progress. but exactly is this the scenario?.. have you even given a thought that when there is a dearth of homes of the poor who are forced to live on the roads and footpath,the space used by them for constructions could be utilised for better cause. The world is frequently been hit by climatic change and natural disasters that are and will result in mass destruction. Instead of making these huge fancy buildings, These spaces can be used for agricultural production or for planting more and more trees which is the need of the hour. Every where there are malls and malls but no greenery. too much of the electric energy is supplied to these malls, if we consider in a long run. Then continuous and excess  use of electrical energy can lead to environmental effects like global warming.

Development of mall culture in India has attracted many foreign companies to invest in india. These foreign companies are investing in property- commercial as well as residential and have build sizable tangible assets. This has led to a sharp rise in the prices of real  estate in India the inflation has been on the rise ,leading the government  to take monetary measures like increase in Cash Reserve Ratio as well as the repo rates.this price rise has badly effected the middle and lower income groups  as the property rates will reach  beyond  their affordability.

Mall culture is not bad  but excess of anything is not good. There are already giant malls in India and don’t construct so much of malls and malls for your personal selfish deeds that it closes all the risinfg opportunities for those poor classes.Our society has lost our goals for what the marketplace should be. Market is meant for competition and eliminating the competition is just cowardness. Don’t create such a pathetic condition otherwise the day will come when the society will be left with few Birlas, Ambanis and Tatas and their will be no school ,colleges ,offices ,companies  shops,there will only be  big malls and only malls standing alone.



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