Happy Friendship day 2017 Status, Wishes, Greetings & Messages for Whatsapp-Facebook

Friendship day is the day when all the friends hood get together and celebrate their friendship. And this day is also a favourite day for many people including the author of this post . Friends are the one who know everything about us and always there to help us. And now if you want to celebrate this friendship day with your friends in epic then we are with you to help us and to make your friendship day – the most memorable day by our ideas.

Firstly get here the Friendship day status and put these status on your whats app, Facebook & Instagram and tag your friends and share these status with all.


Happy Friendship Day Status, Wishes & Greetings Messages

friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies – Aristotle

A friend is someone who believes in you even when you have ceased to believe in yourself.

Friendship means understanding,
not agreement.
It means forgiveness,
not forgetting.
It means the memories last,
even if the contact is lost.
Wish you a happy Friendship day

You are a special Friend

& I want you to know
That i always be there for you

Just the way you are for me
Happy Friendship day

Friends are the Family We choose for our selves

A True Friends Accept Who you are
But Also Help You To
Become who you should be

Fake friends are like shadows
They Follow you in the sun
But Leave you in the dark
Happy Friendship day bro.

To My Dearest Friend,
I always wanted a friends like you
My wish was fulfilled by the God
When I met You
& Today On Friendship Day
I promise that
our friendship will last forever.

When we share and laugh together
You make me spend a lot & It is worth it
Because i care about you My dear friend

Only An Aunt Can you hug like a Mother
Keep secret like a sister
& Share love like a friend

One of My friends also share their thoughts On friendship day 

Kashif  –
A friend who understands your tear
is much more valuable then a lot of friends
who only know your smile.

The person can be your best friend
If he believes in you
When you don’t believe in yourselves.

The relation between one heart and another heart  is called love. but relation between heart and heartbeat is called friendship.

Aysha –
Some times u cry more and then you reflect on what makes you happy. At that point dont forget that image. Hold on to it because the one that made u cry is the one that is taking away your smile and that image came when you thinks who makes you happy is your true friend

You Know what’s wonderful?
You are what’s wonderful.
Even on a bad day
Happy Friendship day

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